Your Child’s Dental Exam & Cleaning in Waco, TX

Taking care of your child’s oral health with dental exams and cleanings is a great way to ensure your child’s smile stays terrific. Preventative care is immensely important in order to ensure your child’s oral health down the line. At Bellmead Kids Dentistry, we perform dental exams and cleanings in Waco, Texas, a treatment that includes polishing and flossing your child’s teeth and an oral screening. Our team at Bellmead Kids Dentistry is eager to help your child maintain their beautiful smile. Please contact us today at 254-799-4000 for an appointment with our pediatric dentist, and let Dr. Susan Francis take care of all your child’s dental healthcare needs.

Why are dental exams & cleanings important?

Dental cleanings and exams are two of the most basic yet important preventive treatments we provide at our office. Exams are very important as they allow us to catch any dental problems and stop them before they spread or become more painful, permanent, and more expensive. Professional cleanings allow us to properly address parts of the mouth that tend to build up plaque and are difficult or impossible to reach with at-home dental care.

child getting dental exam and cleaning in waco, tx

What happens at a dental exam & cleaning?

Each time you visit our dental practice for a checkup, we will provide a professional teeth cleaning and dental exam to help your child’s smile stay healthy. During your child’s teeth cleaning and exam, our dental team will:

  • Clean your child’s teeth by removing any plaque or tartar (also called dental calculus), which can lead to tooth decay and periodontal disease
  • Floss and polish your child’s teeth for a healthy, bright smile
  • Examine your child’s smile for signs of any damaging dental conditions or diseases

We utilize dental X-rays to further evaluate your child’s smile and make certain that they receive the dental care they need. Regular dental cleanings and exams are essential in maintaining good oral health, preventing cavities and gum disease, and making sure that any damaging conditions are treated as early as possible.

How long does a dental exam & cleaning take?

Typically your child’s dental exam will take between 30 minutes and one hour. Each child’s smile and dental case is unique; Therefore, the time it takes can vary.

How often should my child have a dental exam & cleaning?

Our pediatric dentist recommends that your child visits us every six months for a routine dental cleaning and exam. We may suggest more frequent visits if needed, and we also encourage you to contact us if your child suffers from a dental emergency, pain, or injury.

Destination: Happy Smiles!

To schedule your child’s next appointment, we invite you to contact us today. We look forward to caring for your child’s smile!

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