An Interdental Toothbrush Can Help Clean Hard to Reach Places in Your Mouth

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Your daily oral hygiene regimen is very important for removing plaque buildup and stray food matter before they can harden into tartar or promote dental caries. This includes flossing between your teeth and gumline as well as brushing your teeth twice each day.

If these bacterial deposits aren’t removed from the contours of your teeth they can encourage gum disease and cavity development. These oral health conditions can cause significant discomfort and prove expensive to treat.

Should you find that there is an area of your mouth that is hard to brush clean, you might want to try using an interdental brush. This is a miniature toothbrush with an angled and tapered brush head. It can allow you to comfortably clean hard to reach places around the contours of your teeth and gumline.

It can be especially handy if you are struggling to remove food and bacterial deposits from around a dental bridge or dental crown.

After you are done brushing and flossing you can also vigorously rinse your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash. This can help remove loosened material while also killing bacteria.

If you live in the Waco, Texas, area and you have questions or concerns about the oral hygiene products you use, you should call 254-870-8814 to schedule a dental checkup with Dr. Susan Francis and the staff at Bellmead Kids Dentistry.

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